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From its inception in 2001, SALTO was created with one objective: to devise a world-class access control system that was simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors without complex and expensive wiring. Such a solution had to be simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, complete, and future-proof. What resulted was SALTO pioneering SVN platform — the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic locks for access control.


SALTO’s market-leading XS4 platform enhances the usability of virtually every building environment by securing nearly every door and enabling the monitoring and control of every user. SALTO hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real-time intelligence and instant control while enabling integration with existing systems to improve manageability and enhance the end-user experience.


Having revolutionized access control around the world in sectors where security is critical — from airports and healthcare to government education and hotels — SALTO delivers the most advanced and flexible electronic locking solutions on the market.


Startech Middle East WLL is the authorized reseller for SALTO products in Oman. If your business is looking for a SALTO reseller in Qatar, contact us by call/mail or request a proposal from the link below.